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STX 700
STX 1400
STX 700 BK
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  • — Superior product line

  • — Classic product line

ST 700
ST 1400

Display touch 7”

Superior line - Simple and intuitive
multilanguages graphic interface.

  • 20 customizable programs
  • Automatic control of 21 phases for every program
  • Air flow regulation
  • Available in 6 different languages


It is possible to produce naturally cured meats without adding food additives or chemical preservatives for a safe and slow seasoning process.


Not only a seasoning, but also fruit and vegetable drying cabinet.

  • Optimum temperature

    A wide temperature range ensures an ideal prosciutto, culatello, lonzino, pancetta and capocollo resting phase.

  • Controlled drying process

    Accurate control of every phase of drying and curing of cold cuts through humidity and ventilation management.

  • Oxygenation

    Air-exchange automated system removes unpleasant smells and ensures oxygenation inside the compartment.

Real advantages

Stagionatura cabinets help maximize efficiency, increase production and preserve traditional flavours.

Quality guarantee
all year round

The finest quality cured meats aging in every period of the year and in all conditions.


Significant saving of time and resources compared with the traditional “in cantina” method. Controlled environment according to HACCP principles.


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Compact display

    User friendly control on the Classic line

  • Perforated shelves

    Maximum stability for maturing cheese

  • Cured meats hanging bars

    Big storage space and uniform drying

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Technical details