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Family feeling –
New look 2024

Samaref unveils the new look of its products

Sigep –
Rimini 2024

The ice cream you don't expect

Host —
Milano 2023

The entire product range at work

Deluxe Meat

New technologies for butchers, restaurants and steakhouses

Brita filters

high quality and low maintenance

iMeat —
Modena 2023

Innovation in the meat industry

Sigep —
Rimini 2023

Between amazement and showcooking

Sirha —
Lyon 2023

A kaleidoscope of novelties

Samaref at the Foodservice Dolce of the year.

Quality and innovation at international level

Semaref between creativity and know-how in Lyon.

When the hospitality and foodservice worlds meet

Sigep —
Rimini 2022

Great success at Sigep for Samaref

Samaref among the stars
of Foodservice Dolce.

Made in Italy in the world starts from here

Always aiming 
for improvement

To maintain high quality standards

Samaref on

Dry-aging: less waste, more quality with Samaref!

Sigep —
Rimini 2020

Thank you for coming!

Host —
Milano 2019

A record edition!

Sigep —
Rimini 2019

Samaref introduces two great novelties

Samaref on

Important trade magazine published about Samaref

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