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Aware of the importance of proposing and implementing a competitive model based on optimum quality and efficiency in terms of non-quality and social costs, SAMAREF Srl has chosen to preserve the effectiveness of a quality management system in compliance with

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

This system is realized by organizational and technical actions applied to the whole company, in a systematic, planned and documented way, for the following purposes


  1. Compliance with the regulations, compliance with company code of ethics and constant improvement:

    The company and all its staff conform to all requirements imposed by regulations UNI EN ISO 9001, with regard to quality. Therefore it aims to ensure full respect of the current legislation and of national and regional regulation with regard to provided activities and products, as well as to evaluate all the risks related to its processes in order to ensure business continuity. The implementation of operating results is essential and decreases productive and management inefficiency

  2. Respect for the individual:

    SAMAREF Srl does not allow within the company and within its chain of qualified suppliers: child labour; the company avoids and fights discrimination of every kind and ensures equal opportunities; the company doesn’t use disciplinary procedures such as corporal punishments, physical or psychological coercion, verbal abuse; the company guarantees a fair remuneration of its employees and an appropriate working time, moreover it guarantees freedom of association and collective negotiations. The company is committed to forbid and discourage any activity that might lead to any kind of discrimination (for example gender, race, nationality, age, religious or political belief, trade union affiliation as well as any other type of discrimination). In this regard the company is committed to ensure to its employees a safe and healthy working environment and manufacturing processes with respect to the safety and environment, in accordance to the legislation and the existing rules.

  3. Sustainable development:

    The company intends to preserve natural resources and reduce or eliminate negative environmental effects and risks associated with its products, production cycle and its services through specific improvement programs, thus guaranteeing a socially responsible product and service to the customer. It furthermore promotes the research of products and processes with a low environmental impact as an alternative to the ones currently used.

  4. Satisfaction of interested parties:

    The entire staff, starting with the management, is committed to improve communication between the interested parties in order to encourage the inclusion of the company within its social environment and preserve the ongoing constructive relations. The fundamental principle is to optimize technical and commercial organization in order to understand the real needs of stakeholders. Satisfaction of the customer, employees and other interested parties (companies, shareholders, control authorities, suppliers, sub-contractors, etc.…) is essential in order to consolidate the image on the market and to achieve economic objectives.

  5. Education, information, training, awareness

    Training and awareness of staff represent a mandatory principle for our company which aim is to provide the necessary training and education in order to allow its employees to operate safely, in compliance with environmental standards and the technical specifications to ensure the highest quality level. Moreover the company aims to improve staff experience, skills and sense of responsibility including environmental culture to all levels through refreshers courses, certification and participation.

  6. Collaboration of interested parties

    The company does not merely hand its suppliers the conformity issue, but rather collaborates with its suppliers and contractors to detect the improvement opportunities with regard to environmental performance, safety and occupational health.

  7. Efficiency, commitment and cost reduction.

    The company is aware that optimization and an efficient management is essential to prevent every kind of inefficiency and encourages its staff to behave in a way that reduces non-compliance of raw material and any kind of resources, following the directions and instructions that will be given to them about the subject, and encouraging them as well to submit their own suggestions. A behavior in line with this policy requires the commitment to follow the environmental instructions and carry out the checks that the company set as a guideline to prevent pollution.

  8. Working for objectives

    The Company policy can be effectively implemented only if the Management ensures its commitment to regularly review both the implementing rules system and its efficiency. This is done thanks to constant data monitoring and analysis related to the satisfaction of interested parties, the system, processes and services. The management sets the objectives that the company will pursue to implement this document.

In order to achieve this, our organization, represented by the executive board and process owners, according to their roles, intends to operate on multiple fronts:

  1. Through an effective planning of its objectives;
  2. Through teamwork;
  3. Through the daily example of every operator and process owners;
  4. Through a process of awareness-raising of its suppliers;
  5. Control and monitoring of environmental aspects, performance indicators and efficiency of the processes of the company management system, as well as the evaluation of business risks.
  6. Identify and initiate revision and prevision activities about non-compliance and constant improvement.

Every MANAGER must, at all levels, instruct and raise awareness of the staff in order to:

  1. Guarantee the respect to assigned roles;
  2. Achieve set objectives;
  3. Guarantee the respect of procedures and instructions that constitute the quality system.

Consequently EVERY EMPLOYEE, according to its role, must:

  1. Observe given directives;
  2. Collaborate to company improving through individual actions and suggestions, which have to be previously validated and approved;
  3. Always foreground issues related to individual and company safety.

To the Quality Manager, nominated by the Executive Board, are given authority and delegated powers to implement, maintain and improve the System Quality Management, in order to achieve set goals established in the Annual Improvement Planning.


Chairman of the Board
Mario Sassaroli

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