Always aiming 
for improvement

To maintain high quality standards in order to be able to consolidate its image in the professional refrigeration sector: the project that involved both the purchase of a vertical mask for the foaming of refrigerated counters and cabinets, and the activation of a consultancy, both functional to achieving the expected qualitative and quantitative objectives, fits into this perspective.


Thanks to the new foaming mask acquired thanks to the project and equipped with highly evolved features and functions, it has been possible to obtain precision features with a reduction in process waste, production flexibility, that means  the possibility of processing products of different sizes and insulation thicknesses thanks to the high modularity of the machine, optimization of cycle times for the production of products, expansion of the models of counters and cabinets in the product range, increase in insulation performance and dispersions reduction.


The investment allowed the company to better respond to the needs of the market by expanding the range of products that can be produced and giving them greater attractiveness both in terms of characteristics / performance and in terms of cost.


This project has been made possible also thanks to Marche Region, through POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 – ASSE 3 – AZIONE 7.1 – Intervento – “Progetto complesso di Investimento Territoriale Integrato (ITI) strategico a sostegno all’Area di crisi del Fabrianese”.

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