Brita filters

High quality and low maintenance

Samaref announces the technological implementation of a filter unit for the Evolution and Multifunction Talent lines. The filter, which is now standard, guarantees the purification of the water supplied to the machines, considerably reducing the maintenance work caused by the calcification of lime particles in the water connections.


Samaref has opted for a very high quality filter as standard, manufactured by a leading company in the field of purification systems. 
This technological innovation not only prolongs the life of the machines, but also guarantees maximum hygiene, since the water introduced into the humidification systems, for example in the Evolution line for dough rising or in the Talent line for slow cooking, is always purified so as not to compromise quality, taste or odour. 


Optimised water = low maintenance and higher product quality. These were the company's assumptions, which have now become reality, demonstrating Samaref's commitment to improving its products every day.

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Technical details