Host Milano 2023: the entire product range at work

A unique event where visitors could not only touch our products, but also see them in action. During the five days of the exhibition, all the machines were on display to discover all the functions and cycles specific to the sector: from ice-cream making to catering, from confectionery and bakery to meat and fish curing. Many food products were prepared directly on the machines on display and professionals were able to interact with them under the guidance of our food specialists. Not to be overlooked was the appeal of the new restyling of the products, a new design enriched with innovative materials that make the products even more reliable, durable and now with a family style that is a pleasure to look at.

It was a real tour de force for Talent, the multifunctional blast chiller range. With so many dishes to sample, five days of non-stop slow cooking (at positive temperatures up to +85°C) and simultaneous blast chilling (at negative temperatures down to -40°C), customers saw the true nature of our multifunctional range: a true ally in the kitchen.

With Gelato, the range of products specifically for the ice-cream parlour, we presented excellent storage for ice-cream cakes and ice-cream in tubs or carapins. Samaref's "smart drawer" technology was a real success. Customers were able to test the convenience of taking out all the tubs by simply opening a drawer, giving them easy access to the flavours at the top, bottom and sides of the cooler.

The Deluxe range, presented in the XL version with pink LED lighting for meat curing and the new Plus version for fish curing, attracted the attention of many professionals. The new shelving with hook function attracted interest for its practicality and the recipe books pre-installed in the machines, accessible through the new touch screen interfaces, demonstrated that ease of use meets technology, also thanks to the new cleaning system to guarantee top quality products.

Evolution, the range of dedicated proofers, also attracted many bakers and pastry chefs, who were able to test live the proofing system that optimises production times with day and night cycles. The Delizia storage cabinet with moulded sides and glass door also attracted the attention of pastry chefs, who can now display their products in a cabinet of inimitable design and functionality, also equipped with a 5" touch screen display and dedicated recipe book.

Many technologies were presented to demonstrate Samaref's commitment to improving every day by bringing innovation to the world of professional refrigeration. Thanks to the contribution of the many visitors and their feedback, we are confident that our award will be perceived as a stimulus for daily improvement: Cool instinct!

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