— Express product line

EX 700
EX 1400

Be powerful,
think green!

High performances and low energy consumptions with R290 natural gas. Innovative refrigeration system with electronic fans, hot gas defrosting and painted evaporator for a better resistance to corrosion.

Perfect hygiene

Internal sides molded in AISI 304 stainless steel for easy cleaning.

Lower costs, more time

Avoid buying additional guides and do not waste time adjusting them in height.

Full load

  • Optimize storage space with the use of transparent GN 1/1 containers instead of traditional grids GN 2/1.
  • Stability of the containers ensured by 24 stainless steel guides (length 570mm).
  • Pitch 55mm for greater flexibility in the arrangement of food.


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Large display

    Easy temperature control with soft-touch buttons

  • Efficient insulation

    80 mm of insulation for great performances

  • LED lights

    Higher visibility and less energy consumption

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Technical details