— Delizia product line

DL 700
DL 1000


Total control,

Advanced connectivity thanks to the Wi-Fi connection system: remotely checking all the conservation functions and HACCP alarms has never been so easy.

The storage cabinet par excellence

Store at positive or negative temperature without odor exchange. The automatic ventilation control system ensures uniformity of temperature between the first and last tray.

  • Soft air flow

    The oxidation is avoided thanks to a soft and homogeneous distribution of the air which does not directly invest the product.

  • Humidity system

    The right humidity to preserve freshness through 3 levels of setting according to the stored product needs.


Great flexibility with the 35 mm step rack. You can place the trays according to your needs for an optimal organization of the spaces.


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Large display

    Soft-touch button and easy temperature control

  • Guides for trays

    Corrosion resistance and high hygiene coefficient

  • LED lights

    High internal visibility

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Technical details