Sigep – Rimini 2024
The ice cream you don't expect.

The 45th edition of Sigep in Rimini is over and many visitors from all over the world have come to visit the International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Confectionery and Bakery.

The Samaref stand was the centre of attention in Hall D3, with live demonstrations, show cooking and tastings to confirm the quality and technologies that distinguish the brand.

During the 5-day exhibition, divided into thematic areas, many product ranges were presented, allowing visitors to appreciate the potential and discover all the advantages of optimised processes with Samaref machines. Among them was the multifunctional Talent, presented in different versions: from the 6-pan to the Roll-in version.

Talent was also the star of the show cooking area where, thanks to the invaluable work of master ice cream maker Marco Adinolfi, visitors were able to see gourmet ice cream being made live and taste truly unique and unexpected flavours. Parmesan, pumpkin, gorgonzola and chilli pepper were just some of the flavours prepared during the live events, which allowed visitors to appreciate the great potential of the multifunctional machine: vacuum cooking, pasteurisation, automatic cycles and much more, thanks to the temperature range of -40°C +85°C!

There were also surprises in the areas dedicated to confectionery: Elite, the new all-in-one storage cabinet, appealed to the many professionals in the sector. A new range presented in two versions: -30°C +8°C and -5°C +28°C. Two temperature ranges designed to meet the professional needs of pastry chefs, both available with glass or stainless steel doors and with capacities of 700 and 1000 litres. As a novelty, the Elite could be seen in action during the fair, storing fresh pastries prepared by chef Fabio Lopez (also from the Samaref Academy).

Last but not least, the Evolution and Chocolate lines, dedicated to proving and storing chocolate, complete the circle of professional equipment that Samaref offers to meet the most demanding needs of pastry chefs, ice-cream makers and bakers.

The feedback received during the days in Rimini has reinforced the desire to produce machines of unmistakable quality. Samaref's intention to increase the added value of its machines, with recipe books pre-installed in the interfaces, specific cycles and technical details that really make a difference in the laboratory, was appreciated by the professionals, thanks to the collaboration with the master pastry chefs and ice-cream makers who use Samaref's products every day.

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