— Gelato product line with drawers

GL 800 5CA
GL 800 8CA

— Gelato product line with grids

GL 800
GL 1000

Intelligent air

In the GL800 models, the refrigerated air is not directed toward the product, it is instead channelled in the perimeter of the compartment and distributed in a circular way, in order to guarantee a uniform temperature and lesser dispersion on the door side.


Total control, 

Advanced connectivity thanks to the Wi-Fi connection system: remotely checking all the conservation functions and HACCP alarms has never been so easy.

Smart hot gas defrosting

Absolutely the best type of defrosting : because it is fast and effective. The passage of hot gas is performed at the time of actual need rather than at regular time intervals. In this way the evaporator cleaning is always guaranteed and the energy consumption is reduced.

Defrosting duration

Hot Gas defrosting

4:13 min

Electric defrosting

13:22 min

your work

Thanks to this system all the flavours are visible and taking out a pan has never been so easy.

The only storage cabinet with
fully extractable drawers.

Active drawer

Drawers have been conceived to be robust and to offer the maximum stability and the guides specific for low temperatures ensure a smooth sliding. Both are height-adjustable and easily removable for a perfect hygiene.

The solution you’ve been looking for

The time for the cabinets to simply store is over! A modern ice cream laboratory needs the functionality and comfort of a freezer that allows you to easily extract the pans located in the back. As a result you can quickly replenish your display case without keeping customers waiting and you can avoid ice cream pans rotation at every production. An excellent solution to reduce time, waste and energy consumption.

  • 255mmSpace between drawers in GL 800 5CA model
  • 150mmSpace between drawers in GL 800 8CA model


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Large display

    Easy and intuitive by touch controls

  • Efficient insulation

    80 millimetres of insulation for high performance

  • Guaranteed opening

    Compensation valve for easy opening

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Technical details