— Evolution product line

EV 700
EV 1000

Display touch 7”

Simple and intuitive multilanguages
graphic interface.

  • Automatic and manual cycles
  • Manual storage cycle
  • Cycle graphic visualization
  • 100 recipes


In the artisan labs the need to have constant quality, certainty of leavening times and possibility of higher product rotation leads bakers and pastry chefs looking for new solutions.

Reduction of
night work

Increase productivity during daytime and significantly reduce the personnel costs.

Quality all
year long

Slow and progressive leavening, reached through Evolution, improves the flavour, the digestibility and the conservation of the product.

A revolutionary time management

Step 1


By temperature -5° -10°C to stop leavening. Low temperatures are used to block or slow down the fermentative activity of yeast.

Step 2


The dough is kept round 1 or 2°C temperature. The cycle phase is automatically adjusted according to the end of proving time.

Step 3


Temperature begins to raise until 12°C so that the yeasts can gradually resume their activity.

Step 4

Leavening cycle

The dough leavening takes place at a progressive temperature and controlled humidity.

Step 5

Leavening block

This optional cycle keeps the product stable until the baking.

Humidity under control

Each model is equipped with a humidity generation system to set the relative humidity between 55% and 95%. Humidity control avoids dough dehydration and cracks on the surface as well as improving the quality of the product during the leavening phase.

  • Ideal temperature

    Possibility of generating heat (up to +40°C) and cold (up to -22°C) and obtaining the ideal temperature to trigger the yeasts and to have a uniform honeycomb but also to conserve at low temperatures.

  • Energy saving

    High performances and low consumption thanks to the monoblock unit equipped with R290 as refrigerant gas.

  • Active air

    Uniform distribution of the air to ensure a perfect result of the dough.


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Ergonomic handle

    Reversible door with sturdy full-height handle

  • Guides for trays

    Corrosion resistance and high hygiene coefficient

  • LED lights

    Max internal visibility

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Technical details