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An ally 
for your talent

From -40°C to +85°C, your work has never been easier. The functions, designed and tested specifically for pastry, provide a series of specific cycles for each product.

Blast chilling and Blast freezing

In a very short time, it blast chills and freezes fresh or cooked food to the core.


Increases storage time safely by eliminating pathogenic microorganisms.

Warm cycles

A range of cycles designed for your preparations, from creams to caramelised fruit and much more.

Retarding proofing

Regulates and controls leavening, optimising times and schedules according to your needs.


Quickly defrost your dishes only when they are ordered, reducing waste and optimising profits.


Ideal for making your own toppings by dehydrating your favourite fresh fruit.


Designed to achieve the perfect result every time, from melting to crystallisation.

Ice cream hardening

This function allows you to blast the gelato while maintaining the structure acquired during the whisking phase. In this way the product will be preserved in an optimal way.

Ice cream Tempering

This function programs the regeneration of the ice cream, restoring its creaminess, airiness and structure, thanks to an effective management of temperature, time and ventilation.

A recipe book designed for you

A rich recipe book at your service, with cycles designed to speed up your work, guarantee high quality standards and give space to your imagination.

Reduce time
speed up your work

Quickly freeze large quantities of food that can be used according to the real customer requests. So why should you prepare food every day? The time it takes to prepare eg 50 kg of product is slightly higher than the one it takes to prepare 10 kg (weighing ingredients, kneading, washing, etc.). By cutting the cost of personnel, the cost per produced unit is reduced and time is saved.

More weight
more profits

By quickly chilling to +3° the evaporation process is stopped and food weight loss is avoided. A cake just removed from the oven and chilled using Talent will keep moisture intact and therefore it will be more tender and of higher quality. By chilling the bread, the phenomenon of osmosis that pushes the moisture of the crumb towards the crust and leads to a general loss of crunchiness is stopped.

More time for
your passion + 25%

Long life to
your creations


Talent blast chillers quickly pass through the range of higher bacterial proliferation between +65° +10° in order to lower the core temperature of food up to +3°.

  • SOFT

    Suitable for the most delicate and reduced thickness products such as creams, mousses, puff pastry and biscuits.

  • HARD

    Ideal for dense, rich and high volume products such as doughs.


Talent’s ultra-fast freezing turns the water contained in food into micro ice crystals. The structure and the organoleptic properties remain unchanged for long periods.

  • SOFT

    Prevents thermal shock to delicate products like leavened pastry or bread.

  • HARD

    Ideal for confectionery products, either cooked or raw, of medium or large size.

Display touch 7”

Simple and intuitive multilanguage graphic interface.

  • Up to 100 storable
  • Hard and soft cycles
  • List of favorite programs
  • Haccp alarms
  • Preloaded recipes
  • Multilingual
    IT | EN | FR | DE | ES | PT | RU

The style you were looking for.

An elegant and clean design in the two variants Stainless steel and Black made with high quality materials and excellent finishes to ensure durability and ease of cleaning.


Technical details that
make the difference.

  • Easy cleaning

    Inspectable cataphoresis-treated evaporator

  • Ergonomic Handle

    Samaref design for maximum comfort

  • 3 points core probe

    Perfect temperature and easy extraction from the frozen food

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Technical details