iMEAT 2023: Samaref looks to the future of meat

Innovation in the meat industry

The many events and commitments on Samaref's busy 2023 agenda continue. Samaref participated for the first time in iMEAT: the only international trade fair in Italy dedicated exclusively to meat businesses such as butchers, delicatessens and specialist restaurants.


An event that, in these times when governments are questioning the safety of possible alternatives, takes on an unprecedented importance and shows how innovation can go hand in hand with high quality standards in terms of processing and raw materials (with the aim of preserving aromas and flavors in the best possible way).


During the three days of the exhibition held in Modena, Samaref once again stood out for the quality and innovation of its products. The many visitors present, including pork butchers, butchers and restaurateurs, were able to see for themselves the efficiency of Samaref's products.


The new XL version of the Deluxe Meat line was particularly impressive, with shelves that have been completely revolutionised in terms of design and functionality, and a practical hook system for hanging meat slices, with a load capacity of over 80 kg per shelf. The extra space in the compartment and the reduced depth make it possible to optimise space in the laboratory.


The Talent multifunction blast chiller was also on show, in its 12-pan and roll-in versions. The recipe book, specially designed and tested for the butcher's shop, was the star of the innovation presented by Samaref. Thanks to its positive temperatures of up to 85° and negative temperatures of up to -40°, the product is an indispensable ally for many preparations, from meat to cooked sausages, in the world of sous-vide cooking.


Finally, the Superior Seasoning line attracted the attention of many professionals in the sector, proving to be a product of the best technologies at the service of ancient wisdom. 


Another great satisfaction for Samaref, which continues to broaden its horizons, finding enrichment and inspiration in the comparison with different professional realities in order to always offer the best to the market.

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