Deluxe Meat

New technologies for butchers, restaurants and steakhouses

Samaref announces the introduction of two important new technologies in the production of the Deluxe Meat line: refrigerated cabinets specially designed for quality curing and meat preservation.


In addition to the already award-winning solutions offered by the machines, such as the “Humidity System” for perfect humidity management or the punctual temperature control system, Samaref has decided to improve by introducing an innovative air treatment system and renewed lighting with pink LEDs.

“The air treatment contributes to a better oxygenation of the meat, which results in an even better curing quality”, explains one of Samaref's designers, “together with the fast temperature recovery after opening the door and the controlled drying through three humidity levels, we can say with certainty that the machine has a truly exceptional performance”.


Reviews by expert butchers attest to an unprecedented dry curing process, with a concentration of aromas and flavours in a meat that is extremely tender and very intense in flavour.

Food safety has always been a top priority for Samaref, which pays particular attention to the HACCP method and, thanks to constant technological innovation, ensures the correct maintenance of nutritional properties by preventing the attack of microorganisms and pathogens.


The second innovation is the pink LED lighting, a choice of style and functionality. The elegant illuminated cabinet attracts customers' attention and becomes a sales tool. The pink LEDs, now standard, have a specific colour rendering index for red meat with a warm, non-saturated tone. This is designed to make the cured meat display more appealing to the eye of the less experienced shopper. Another innovation that demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to research and development of solutions designed and studied in close contact with professionals in the sector.


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