Sigep 2023: Professionals of excellence for Samaref

Between amazement and showcooking

The 44th edition of the Sigep in Rimini has just ended: the International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery, which once again this year sold out and saw the return of many international visitors. 

A great return also for Samaref, which, between demonstrations and showcooking, displayed all the technology and pluses of its products, shining in the realm of ice cream and pastry making and managing to amaze fans and experts alike. To do so, it availed itself of the skilful talent of exceptional professionals capable of capturing the full potential and functionality of Samaref products. 

And who, then, if not a Master Gelato Maker such as Marco Adinolfi, finalist of the Gelato Festival World Masters, could better illustrate the great novelty of the Gelato XL cabinet? With +30% more storage capacity, wider and with reduced depth for greater visibility of the various flavours and dynamic drawers for easy extraction of the gelato trays. Samaref's Gelato line has emerged as one of the best professional refrigeration products capable of combining performance and comfort.

On the pastry side, on the other hand, there were several show-cooking sessions featuring pastry chefs Fabio Lopez and Andrea Mannocchi. 

Fabio Lopez, who demonstrated live several preparations such as meringues, creams cooked in pots and fruit drying, created pralines and chocolates using the Chocolate range. The innovative preservatives neutralise temperature and humidity fluctuations, thus preventing the fat and sugar from efflorescence. 

The Evolution line, and specifically the Evoluton Roll-in model, on the other hand, has been the valuable ally of pastry chef Andrea Mannocchi, who has dedicated himself to the preparation of focaccias, modern breads, as well as croissants and viennoiserie. With Evolution, the ability to precisely adjust leavening times, as well as the perfect control of humidity and temperature, improve the aroma, digestibility and preservation of the product. The result is better management of work in the laboratory: increasing productivity and reducing costs. 

Another great success for Samaref's commitment and constant search for quality.

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